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Nostalgia is an evil thing. Some days, it is only joy, laughter, and butterflies fluttering away. Other days, it’s poison. It’s a trap. You get sucked into a tunnel of thoughts, emotions, memories, moments spent with this person, which leads into every single thought, emotion, […]

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When it All Fell Down

this is my painting “When it All Fell Down” that i have been working on for the past month. i wanted to sit down and write about it because i’ve been asked many questions about it. “is the girl you?” “why is she crying?” “what’s […]

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Do you ever just feel out of place, like you’re not meant to be where you are? Do you ever feel distant from the people you care about? Do you ever feel like you give to much of yourself? Do you ever feel like you […]

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Ahh! Recently, I had my first ever photoshoot with a new born baby girl, and oh my was I a nervous reck. I’ve been looking forward to this shoot all week and it was incredibly. I recently started to assist a local professional photographer and […]

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I took these with friends a couple weeks back, and now they are finally here! Note: some didn’t turn out which is okay, but this is majority of them. Here are the unedited pictures:

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A Mind full of Mess

Today I felt like popping on and writing about a bunch of my thoughts I’m having since I haven’t really been doing that as much as I would like. Anyway, Easter just passed and I had four days off, which was something I didn’t realize […]



I wish film was still as popular as it was years ago. Recently I visited with family and they brought out some boxes full of pictures and they were breathtaking. See all of the history and how innocent and special every picture was hit me […]

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Therapy. A Poem.

This was originally going to be just a typed out post, but I felt like it needed to be spoken. This is my honestly in a poem. This poem is very personal and a piece of myself, that made me in to the me I […]

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Be Kind.

It is insane to me how cruel people can be. At first they seem like an amazing person, that will never stab you in the back; and the next they’re lying, criticizing, and believing lies that they made up, all behind your back. Where did […]

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My Personal Legend.

This was a speech I had to do for my english class. For me personally, I connected with this project a lot, so I spoke my mind. People were asking me, “Why is it so long?” “What are you talking about for 11 minutes?” I […]

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If you didn’t know, I recently got glasses and wow is everything so clear. You’re probably saying, “Well, yeah that’s what they’re supposed to do,” and you are completely right. The whole reason why I’m writing this is simply because I have a lot on […]

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