– Jenna

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I have always been surrounded with many different kinds of art, and it was something I was always good at. I was constantly making new crafts, drawings, etc… Being creative came naturally to me. As I grew older, I started to appreciate art as more than just creating a piece of art. Art taught me to love: love myself, what I do, the beautiful world around me, and the people that remind me of my worth. Art has become my outlet. A safe place, to get all of the “demons” out. I grew in love with art. Art became my therapy that was always there when I needed it, when tragedies were too hard to put into words. But the one thing art has gifted me with is trust. I feel, deep in my heart, art will always be in me and with me. Through thick and thin, Art Never Left Me.

I have grown so incredibly much in my craft to the point where I adore every aspect of what I do. The creating, the process, the finished product, the feeling I get when I get feedback on my work. I love all of it. The greatest gift I could ever receive is a smile by someone I create a piece for. With that, it is all worth it.

My work is not just a 2D image on a screen or a canvas. My work holds stories. Every piece I create holds meaning, purpose…and that’s for you to find out.

Let’s create something together.