Words are powerful, I have such a deep connection with words, but no words have struck me so deeply as “Allow Yourself to Feel” I can’t remember exactly where I first heard this phrase, but ever since I did, I heard it more and more.

These few words seem like a hard to master spell that, really, is so simple. “Allow Yourself to Feel” Allow yourself to cry. Allow yourself to be angry. Allow yourself to scream. Allow yourself to laugh. Allow yourself to smile. Allow yourself to frown. Allow yourself to just be.

After I first heard this phrase, I reevaluated if I was letting myself feel unapologetically. I realized, I wasn’t. If I was hurt, I would hold it all in to make those around me comfortable. If I was angry, I would hold in my anger and allow it to pile up. If I was sad, I would bottle up my emotions because I was “strong” and those that hurt me didn’t “deserve my tears”. Although, that does reign true, as in they don’t deserve my tears, I realized I wasn’t crying over them, I wasn’t crying because of them. I was crying because I needed to release that energy I was holding inside for the better of me. Some people do cry because of those that hurt them, but it’s really not like that. For me, if I am crying “because of someone” it’s because I’m allowing myself to feel the hurt to heal.

It is all apart of the healing process. I cry to let go of the hurt inside. I scream to release the negative energy I’m holding inside. I allow myself to feel the hurt and the pain because it needs to be felt in order to grow. You cannot grow if you lock the hurt inside.

So the next time someone hurts you: realize you are so valid to feel hurt, pain, anger, sadness, etc… You are the one that’s winning when those tears escape your eyes, when the rage is unleashed, when you allow yourself to feel.

Posted by:creatingbyjenna

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