If you would have told myself, this time last year, I would be a National Gold Medalist for my art, I would have laughed and thought you were crazy.

I would have also thought you were crazy if you told me people would come up to me in school and congratulate me, my Spanish teacher would use me as an example in the art unit, I would be in the paper, I would be in district magazines, and most of all, I would have never believed you that I would be interviewed live on Fox 32 News. That moment still doesn’t even feel real. They told me that same day I would be interviewed live. I had only a few hours to get ready and prepare, I was beyond nervous.

Which you can watch here:

My photo “Vulnerability” has the award of a golden key and medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Award and The Art of Influence Award “Breaking Criminal Traditions” in the High School Art Exhibition where my photo will be displayed in the upcoming Art of Influence Show

Live Interview March 22

The past few months have been nothing but surreal. I am so incredibly proud to say I worked so hard for this. I would not have been able to do it without the support of the people I love.

I am a National Gold Medalist of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. It is such an incredible honor just to be apart of the Scholastic Awards, but being given the gold award at the national level, is surreal.

I am an individual girl, who is quiet, who keeps to myself, and who is not the “average” teen. I don’t participate in sports, I don’t know hundreds of people, I don’t go out and “party” all the time. I am someone that is far beyond hard working, which, sometimes, can be my biggest flaw. I do try to take time to relax and let myself breathe, but I much rather be working. I rather work for my dreams than sit around and watch Netflix all day. This isn’t to say people that do that aren’t hard working, because they are, they just have a better sense of balance. Balance. Something I am still trying to figure out with each day.

Ask anyone that knows me personally, I am always in my room, unless I’m hanging out with friends, etc… Now, to some, me sitting in my room all makes me appear lazy. There are days where I am lazy and do not do anything, just like the next person, however, most of the time, I am working. I work on myself and my craft for hours on end. If I am painting, I paint for 10+ hours, sometimes straight. If I am editing, again, I could be editing for 6+ hours straight. Multiple hours of just sitting and starring at a screen, but with purpose. I work so hard now, because I know where I want to be in the future. I work hard to achieve it everyday, which is how I am here today.


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