i know this “trend” is far gone but it’s something i have been wanting to do for a while now, but never had the inspiration to do it. yesterday, i finally had the motivation to set up my camera and take pictures. these photos are inspired by the shirt that i’m wearing, that i found thrifting one day. i knew i wanted something very flowy and high fashion, so i thought this shirt was perfect. when I went into shooting this concept, it was based more on the fashion and i didn’t really have significant meaning to it. as i continued to shoot i realized i haven’t shot self portraits in a while and I missed it, a lot.

once i was done shooting and began editing them, i realized something that i’ve needed to realize for a while now. i haven’t been feeling the most myself nor good about myself recently and it’s been messing with my head. i just don’t feel confident. this shoot made me realize how much beauty i hold and my looks do not define my self worth. i shouldn’t compare myself to all these beautiful people around me because i know i am beautiful. i may not see it myself nor believe it sometimes, but i know in my heart i am. i am, with all my flaws, my imperfections, beautiful. one of the best things about having done self portraits for so long, it’s made me realize how beautiful that i am and it’s shown me my beauty.

of course not every picture is amazing and something i want to show to everyone, but at the end of the day there’s always one picture that i fall in love with and it makes me realize how much beauty I have within me and i shouldn’t take that for granted. yes this may sound conceited, but i am the farthest person from that. it’s just a nice reminder, that no matter what i think in my head, whatever I think my body looks like, it’s beautiful because ALL bodies are beautiful. every shape, color, size, etc… i’ve struggled with self-love in the past and i still struggle with it to this day, but at the end of the day i love myself whether it’s a lot more some days, and it’s a lot less other days, i love my body, my skin and the imperfections it has. i encourage anyone who read this far never take your body for granted. it is beautiful. it is your safe place

it is your home. protect your home. you have one body and i hope and i pray that you will one day feel 100% comfortable in your own skin. you deserve to be happy in your skin. celebrate who you are and how incredibly beautiful your body is.


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