Yesterday, I attended the Black Lives Matter protest in my city, which was my first protest I have ever been too, and I was blown away. It was surreal. The power, the energy, the rage in people’s voices was unlike any other.

I got to hear such strong individuals speak up about their own community and the change they are demanding. The emotion in every word they spoke was moving. The strength these girls had to stand in front of their whole community and speak is beyond inspirational.

Once they were done speaking, we had seven minutes of silence for George Floyd.

Then, we walked. We walked around the commons 7 times. Protesting, yelling, demanding for change. I will never forget this moment. The passion, the anger in people was unreal. We made our voices heard, through every second of the march.

This is what the news doesn’t want to show you. Every moment of this was peaceful, no one was hurt, no one was rioting, we protested for what’s right.

I was overjoyed to be apart of this movement, for the black community. I am not black, I will never fully understand, but I stand with you. I hear you, I see you, and I will continue to fight with you.


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