I had the unbelievable honor of having 7 pieces of mine accepted into the Scholastic Art and Writing Show.

2 awarded gold,

4 awarded silver,

I’m Fine…

and 1 given an honorable mention.

The Words Left Me in Bruises

I have 2 pieces going to New York. I am so unbelievably proud to say, I did that. I spent So many hours on every piece, creating a story, a purpose. I am, from the bottom of my heart, grateful for everything and everyone that has come into my life and encouraged me to prove my worth. I take every step of every day with pride in myself; whether, people know about my art or not, I know in my heart, I am an artist. I may not be the best artist, I am definitely not a perfect artist, no one is, but I know I am telling my story. That story is for the people that can feel it, and if you can, thank you. If you cannot feel my story, feel your own story. It still means the absolute world to me.

I also had the honor of being interviewed by the local paper, which was mind blowing. For the first time ever, I was being asked about the real meaning about my art, for people to read. I am so unbelievably blessed to have been given this opportunity. The Art Department in my school, has my whole entire heart.

Thank you


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