I wish film was still as popular as it was years ago. Recently I visited with family and they brought out some boxes full of pictures and they were breathtaking. See all of the history and how innocent and special every picture was hit me in a new way. They are so pure and delicate, I cannot put into words how fascinated I am by them. Over this past year I have found so much more respect for the process of film and printing pictures. Even after being taught how to do it, I’m still in such awe every time I develop a roll of film.

The last time I remember I had a disposable camera was when I was around 10 years old. The pictures I had taken with them were something else. It was defiantly the first spark of my love for taking pictures.

But back to the pictures my family showed me. They blew me away and inspired me so much.

They inspired me so much I went and got a disposable camera, my first one after about 5 years. So I took pictures with them with some friends and filmed it. Here’s the video.

Unfortunately, disposable cameras taking extremely long to send off and print, so I won’t have those pictures for a couple of weeks, but once I get them back I will post them on here. -j

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