It is insane to me how cruel people can be. At first they seem like an amazing person, that will never stab you in the back; and the next they’re lying, criticizing, and believing lies that they made up, all behind your back. Where did the heart go? When did the kindness leave or was it never there to begin with? Were you always so cruel to those who want to live for themselves? Just because they don’t meet your standards, doesn’t make them any less of who they are.

You are quick to judge. Judging every person that comes across your path, just to make yourself feel higher, more important. Now, I am not going to say you are not important or your opinion doesn’t matter because you are human, and you are entitled to have an opinion. So, say whatever you want, think whatever you want. I know I can’t stop you because you’re still learning. Take your time, I wish you the best of luck on your journey to a somewhat kinder soul. Wether it is a little or a lot, anything will help.


In today’s world there is so much hatred and criticism over any little thing. Wether it be how someone looks or what they love to do, someone always has a problem with it. The only problem I see is, that people waist so much energy putting someone down to make them feel worthless. So who wins? No one. No one wins because what they are saying is completely false, but the victim begins to believe them; and could spiral down a dark hole of pain. Is that what you want? For them to suffer for no reason at all, other than they were living? That is disgusting. Everyone deserves to wake up every day breathing and able to wear whatever they want and be who they are without judgement. Is it really such a problem? Is it really offending you that bad?

For me personally, I have always been the one people over look or judge too soon. I’ve come to not really be bothered by it because it’s not that big a deal. The only thing that really irritates me is when people assume. Don’t assume. Ask the person for an answer. It is so much more respectful to them. If you want to know something about someone, ask them personally.

After being judged for so long and continue to be, I try my best to be open minded when I meet someone new. Yes, I still tend to stereotype them unintentionally and I wish I didn’t, but I’m trying my best not to. Over the years, I have started to treat people how they deserve to be. I give them my all. I make sure they do not doubt our friendship because if they do, I’ll feel as if I didn’t do enough when I should have. I have had way to many poor friendships, that treated me like nothing; and I never want anyone I encounter to deal with that. No one deserves it.

More recently I’ve been told by a handful of people that, “Being nice is out of the ordinary.” That sentence is the saddest statement I have ever heard. Being kind is not hard, it really isn’t. Treating people with respect should be automatic, but it isn’t and many people need to learn that.

To end all of this chaos I call a post, let me just say this:

Be kind to everyone. Treat them well because you never know what they are dealing with behind all the skin. Kind words cost nothing. Hurtful words could cost a life. Handle people with care. Don’t just throw them around. Make someones day by sending them a text out of no where, give them a call, let them know how you feel, compliment them, make it so they never doubt your friendship. Little random acts of kindness can be so big to the person receiving them. Make someone’s day today. -j.

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