I had many projects for my class I needed to get done and I needed help, so I called the people I trust the most. Nonetheless, they agree to help me. The day of, I talk to my photography teacher and asked him if I could have some paper for a background. He said, “Yea, of course.” When I got the paper, I got ecstatic just to start taking pictures when I got home. When I finally arrived home, I cleaned my room, rolled out the paper, tapped it to my wall and set my tripod up. The time finally came when it was time for me to create my vision. This idea and concept had been running through my head for weeks and today was the day it was coming to life. We all got together in my room, listened to music and sang songs, talked and just enjoyed each other’s company. I missed them a lot. Anyway, the photoshoot finally began and I couldn’t be any more happy about it.

It all felt so professional and what I aspire to do everyday. It felt amazing to do what I love after a dreadful week. I want to do more themed shoots like this a lot more often. I need to stop hiding or putting what I want to do to the side because if I do, all that creativity will crumble.

If you have an idea, do it. Right now. Don’t say you’ll get to it tomorrow, or you’ll wait for the weekend because that just suffocates creativity. Creativity was meant to flourish and burst beautiful colors at any time of day or night. Create. -j.

Posted by:creatingbyjenna

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